About Us


JuViLu Essentials is an e-commerce company providing natural medicine and plant-based alternatives to a broader audience. Our team is committed to increasing the awareness of natural medicine and plant-based alternatives for improved health and wellness.  Our products include herbal based tinctures, balms, dried herbs, gummy capsules & supplements, as well as many healing and essential oils. 

We are growing JuViLu Essentials by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships, communicating key wellness messages, and enriching their clientele through education and resources.

   For the last 15 years, JuViLu's owner has worked in public health, developing and promoting strategies for effective internal communications, developing and applying systematic methods for planning and conducting public health evaluations, legislative and policy analysis, and partnership development and outreach. From 2011- 2020, they co-owned the boutique publishing company, MBMA Group, based out of Atlanta, GA. During this time, the publisher released over 20 publications with two amazon best sellers. These experiences have prepared and equipped JuViLu and its subsidiaries with understanding the importance of systems thinking and developing commerce based approaches to address broader systemic issues related to health and wellness.