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JuViLu Essentials

Asian Yoni Steam Detox Herbs for Females.

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 A Yoni Steam is a ancient herbal cleansing practice. Practiced by doulas, midwives and medicine women around the world for centuries where a woman allows the steam from a blend of herbs to permeate both the interior and exterior of her vagina. Not only does it feel amazing but the benefits for feminine body are unbelievable! Steaming is perfect for any women who has heavy menstruation, postpartum, vaginal dryness, bacterial/yeast infections, hormonal imbalances, pH imbalances and the list can literally go one.

Main Ingredient
Motherwort, mugwort, Carthamustinctorious,  aloe vera,roseleaf, dried ginger,
Flos Albiziae,lavender
*A significant decrease in pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation
*A lessening of the strength of a woman’s menstrual flow as well as decreasing the risk of *developing dark purple or brown duringthe beginning of menses
*Correction of irregular or absent menstrual cycles
*Increasing fertility
*Speeding healing and recovery of the reproductive system after birth
*Aiding in the restoration of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar
*Aiding with the healing of hemorrhoids
*Reducing pain associated with chronic vaginal / yeast infections
*Reducing symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse
*Detoxifying the womb and helping to release toxins from the body
*Help in letting go of stored emotions and tap into the feminine energy that is our creative potential
30g,50g,100g,500g is in stock 
Customized package
Highly accepted.
Shelf time
24 months
Sealed and keep it in the room temperature and in a dry place.
How does vaginal steaming work?
Menstrual cramps and infertility can be derived by a build up of uterine lining that was not shed in a previous cycle. The muscles around the uterine wall have to work overtime when excess builds up which can cause pain and fatigue. If you're like me and have experienced this first hand, you know how painful it can be to experience. A yoni steam carries medicinal plant oils to the yoni(vaginal) tissue.These tissues are extremely absorbent, which allows the bloodstream to absorb these healing plant oils and then take them into the inner reproductive system. Once there, they aid the uterus in cleansing and repairing itself. This cleansing process makes the implantation of an egg easier as well as facilitating the healing of other uterine abnormalities.

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